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an update on COVID-19

Posted by Madison Lopez on

we hope you and your loved ones are all safe and staying at home.

we wanted to let you know we are still shipping orders out but unfortunately are experiencing delays as some of our products' factories have been affected. we understand it can be frustrating to wait for your order but greatly appreciate your patience.

above all, we want you to know we are taking all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this terrible disease. we have been operating from home and have been self-isolating ourselves for 29 days (at 4/13/20). as the virus can stay alive on objects for long periods of time, we disinfect each and every package (even those not SEVEN related) we receive. we also encourage you to disinfect all packages when you receive them. 

please feel free to reach out to our chat box down below or send us an email at with any concerns you may have. 

we know this is a unpredictable time in our world but we will get through it, together. sending love xo

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